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Briar Rose Hill offers a chic design to Southern. Our venue offers a breathtaking backdrop for brides desiring a timeless but unique wedding. Built in 1850, the large white plantation home has been a huge part of history here in Sumner County. Conveniently located minutes from the Gallatin square off of  US-31E, Briar Rose Hill sits on several acres of land and uniquely combines history with elegance.


The house and grounds are equipped to host indoor and outdoor events of various sizes. Imagine getting married under the large bodock tree or on the front porch of Briar Rose Hill with your wedding cake displayed beneath one of our crystal chandeliers. Envision hosting your reception in the event lawn, either underneath a tent or string lighting underneath the stars. The natural settings make it possible for any style and budget.


What Makes Briar Rose Hill Different? It is more than a venue. You will get a devoted and trustworthy team of vendors that focus on attention to details. Not only will you secure a perfect place to get married, but you will work with a team that is passionate and dedicated to making your day special. 


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2990 Highway US-31E 

Bethpage, TN 37022

Tel: 615-476-9088 




History of Briar Rose Hill

Established 1850

The site of Briar Rose Hill was acquired by William Bibb Key (1761-1834) of Chesterfield, Virginia in 1779 through a federal land grant due to his service in the Revolutionary War in Captain William Lewis’ company under the command of Colonel Ralph Faulkner’s regiment.  Land grants were given to many soldiers in lieu of monetary payment due to the financial strains of the time.  William Bibb Key received approximately 995 acres in what is now identified as Bethpage, Tennessee in Sumner County, Tennessee.  In 1793, William Bibb Key married Elizabeth Gaines (1770-1844) in Halifax, Virginia and they moved to what is now Sumner County, Tennessee and settled on his land grant.  Mr. Key, with the assistance of many workers, cleared a section of the land to construct a home and a section of the land to begin farming.  The two had 11 children and Mr. Key served as a Methodist preacher for over 30 years.


The original home constructed on the property burned down in 1848, at which time the current structure was built.  A man from Kentucky named, John Fonville, who constructed many historic homes and churches in Sumner County, built the “new” home.  At the time of construction there were 4 identical rooms constructed each measuring 20x20 with 12-foot ceilings each with a fireplace used for warmth during the winter.  High ceilings were used at the time to keep rooms cooler in the summer.  The two upstairs rooms were the bedrooms for the children, one for boys and one for girls.  As was customary in Southern homes at the time, the boys used the back staircase (leading from the dining room) to get to their room, while the girls of the house used the front stairs to access their room.  Like many homes during the time, there was no kitchen in the home as all food was prepared by the servants in a kitchen outside the home connected by a dogtrot, then delivered to the family within the dining room. Above the dining room was an attic space used by the family to store food products such as meal, flour, fruits and vegetables. 



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